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list of the lion guard episodes the lion guard is an american animated television series developed by ford riley based on disney s 1994 film the lion king the series was first broadcast with a television movie titled the lion guard return of the roar on disney channel on november 22 2015 and began airing as a tv series on january 15 2016 on disney junior and disney kion and zira i’m watching the clips from lions the outlands kovu and kiara having already met more of nuka’s dorkiness more of vitani development of hyena lions relations explanations about the expulsion of zira’s pride the lion guard wiki this wiki is dedicated to disney s hit tv series the lion guard this spin off of the timeless classic movie known as the lion king features simba s son kion as he assembles a team to protect the pride lands and defend the circle of life anga the lion guard wiki appearance anga has purple and white feathers with black and white underlining her eyes are yellow and blue and her feet are dark gray personality list of the lion king characters disney s the lion king franchise is a series of animated feature films and cartoon spin offs centered around the adventures of simba a young lion cub as he grows up in the pride lands exploring and ting into trouble with his friends lion king fanfiction archive prince taka is dead long live prince scar after the events of cubhood the pridelands have been changed forever nevertheless some things remain the same scar remains leader of the lion guard the lion king disney wiki the lion king is a 1994 american animated feature produced by walt disney feature animation it was released in theaters on june 15 1994 by walt disney "simba s pride" script the lion king rafiki "friend" a mystical mandrill he is the pride s medicine man shaman and seer he can municate with the spirits of the great kings of the past and was a great friend of mufasa when simba was a cub simba disney wiki simba is the protagonist of disney s 1994 animated feature film the lion king he is the son of mufasa who was destined to rule the pride lands as king when mufasa is killed in a wildebeest stampede simba is blamed for the tragedy and abandons his kingdom in guilt he finds refuge in a 라이온 수호대 나무위키 namu 라이온 킹 시리즈의 스핀오프 tv 애니메이션 원제는 the lion guard 2015년 11월 22일에 특별판이 공개되고 2016년 1월부터 디즈니 주니어 채널에서 tv 시리즈를 방영하고 있다